Question: How does this whole process work?

The easiest way to set up a session is to call 843-295-0922 and set up a portrait session. On the day of the shoot please arrive a few minutes early to ensure that your whole family is good to go by the time of the shoot and have all arrived. After the session, you will receive an email (within 7-10 business days) of all of the pictures from the session. If you have prepaid for any images, simply refer to the individual picture numbers in the email, and email us the photo numbers for which you would like to have the copyrights to and we will send those over. 

Question: What about outfit changes??

There is no extra charge for outfit changes during the allotted session time.

Question: What Happens If It Rains??

When it rains we will cancel all shoots for the day. When booking a session, try to avoid booking on the last day you will be in town so that if it rains, you will have an opportunity reschedule.